Melrose High School, Melrose, MA

Melrose High School, Melrose, MA

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sneak Peek into Spirit Week

One of the most beloved weeks in Melrose High Schools falls around the Thanksgiving holiday: Spirit Week! The halls will be vibrantly decorated by student government on Sunday, November 24th and the kick-off to this exciting event will begin the very next day. There has been plenty of buzz about what this year’s theme is and senior class advisor Ms. Mochi shared the news with us, “The theme for this year is board games. The seniors have wanted to do this since their sophomore year!”
            The class of 2014 has spoken: Candy Land is the theme for the seniors, Chutes and Ladders has been assigned to the juniors, Monopoly for the sophomores, and Clue for the freshmen. While many of the traditions of Spirit Week are being kept, there are a few changes being made. This year, the teachers are assigned their own theme: Scrabble. Also, the homecoming dance will be moved to the Knights of Columbus, “We figure more people will want to go because you can wear shoes there,” Mochi smiles. Problems have surfaced in the past with ordering the themed T-shirts but the student government swears that they will stay on top of their game and everything ready early, so pay up!
When asking Mochi what her favorite part of spirit week is, she was quick to reply with, “Powder Puff. It makes me anxious; it’s always a close game and typically aggressive no matter how strict the rules.” She followed up, “I would never want to see it go away though. I know one of the high schools in Newton eliminated theirs completely because they thought it was sexist.” With the amount of praise Powder Puff receives at MHS, it is almost too hard to believe that this game will ever be taken out of Spirit Week.

Another popular event during Spirit Week is the pep rally. For all of the freshmen that are new to our pep rally this year, this is when we get our half day. But this is also an event where students and teachers are both heavily involved in various activities and games that are more than likely going to be clogging up your Facebook newsfeed for days. No activities or games have been specified by the student government yet, but Mochi says, “They have good tricks up their sleeves this year.”

by: Natessa Storm

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