Melrose High School, Melrose, MA

Melrose High School, Melrose, MA

Friday, November 22, 2013

Melrose Blood Drive

On November 7th, I became a first time blood donor for the American Red Cross. I have always wanted to donate blood and needles don’t affect me, so it made sense.  However before the 7th, I did not know where I could donate blood.
The Melrose High school blood drive was the perfect solution for me. Being able to leave my class in order to donate, I headed to the Marcoux Gym to be one of the first blood donors of the day. After reading up about what I was getting myself into, a nurse checked some of my vitals and made sure it was safe for me to donate. Although lying on a table in the middle of the gym was odd, it only took 15 minutes.  Throughout the process extremely kind, presumably qualified, nurses took care of me, and making sure I was as comfortable as possible.
After donating, Student Council members took care of me and the rest of the donors, making sure we ate drank enough so that we wouldn't pass out. Even though I wasn't the least bit hungry, student council made sure I ate from the array of foods they had. After consuming a copious amount of  brownies, cookies, gummies and pretzels, I went back to class feeling healthy and proud.
Each donation can save about three lives, and it only takes about an hour. I understand that for some people needles are not an option, and others have medical restrictions, but I encourage anyone who may be physically and mentally able to donate to such an amazing cause. I’m proud to call myself a donor, and plan on donating again at Melrose High’s Spring blood drive.

By Olivia Terranova

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