Melrose High School, Melrose, MA

Melrose High School, Melrose, MA

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Feature Student: Dan Eichenberger

       Dan Eichenberger has become an idol among his classmates within his four years of a student at Melrose High School. Although he is a more soft-spoken eighteen-year old, Dan has been known to entertain his peers, through both his words and actions.
            Dan has been on three school trips within four years at MHS. He traveled to Georgia as a sophomore with Ms. Williams and then ventured to Costa Rica twice -- once his junior year and then again his senior year. During these three school trips, Dan’s fellow peers began to realize what an interesting and unique boy he really was. Dan recalls that it was on his school trip to Georgia that he earned his infamous nickname ‘Beige.’ He and his friends were fooling around on a bus ride in Georgia when suddenly one friend began singing ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep.’ The friends all joined in on the song, and finally decided that they wanted to integrate Dan into the song. Alex Foley, who accompanied Dan in Georgia, remembers that “he still had his ‘fro,” so the friends changed the song to “ba ba beige Dan have you any hair? Yes sir, yes sir, enough for a bear.” And history was made. During this school trip to Georgia, Dan forevermore earned the nickname Beige. When asked if he enjoyed the nickname, Dan admitted “It’s not my favorite…I’d much rather prefer to be called Dan.”
            The fame of Dan has lived on, especially on his following trips to Costa Rica. During his time in Costa Rica, Dan was able to make even more friends, as they soon realized his amusing character. Dan remembers that on his trip junior year, he even “got really sunburned at the beach and there was one square on [his] back that didn’t get sunburnt.” He laughed along with his friends as they applied intense amounts of Aloe Vera to his sunburnt back.
            Dan is not only interesting when on school trips. In fact, despite having forgotten to put on enough sunblock in the Costa Rican sun, Dan Eichenberger is very smart, among the top students in the Class of 2013. He is enrolled in some of the toughest courses at MHS – AP Psychology, AP Latin, AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, Honors English, and Media Literature. His favorite of these classes is AP Statistics, since he has always been interested in math, and “it is the kind of math [he’s] good at.” He also partakes in a plethora of extracurricular activities, like Varsity Lacrosse, Student Government, Peer Mediation, and Latin Club. He has been a member of all of these activities for four years.
            When Dan is not travelling the world, completing schoolwork, or playing lacrosse, he enjoys hanging out with friends and “listening to all sorts of music.” He also has four birds – an eclectus parrot named Clover, a scarlet macaw named Bo, a sun conure named Pedro, and a blue and gold macaw named Trixie. Because of the birds, the Eichenberger household is a toasty 80 degrees year-round. He does not like talking to these birds, because “usually they yell… they don’t yell words, they just yell loud.”

            Dan’s life in Melrose these past eighteen years has sure been colorful and unique. Still, however, he seems excited to start a new chapter in his life. Dan has not chosen his college yet, but is trying to decide between Ithaca College, University of California- Riverside, University of Albany, and Quinnipiac University. He “would like to study something math or science related, but is unsure what [he] specifically wants to study.”  

By Betty Anne Richardson 

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