Melrose High School, Melrose, MA

Melrose High School, Melrose, MA

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graduation Caps Cupcake Toppers

What you will need:
-Chocolate covered graham cracker cookies
-small recess cups
-fruit roll ups*
(*get the colors/flavors to represent your school)

First put the recess cups in the fridge, so when you peel of the wrapper the chocolate will not get ripped off as well. Then you can begin separating the m&ms so you have the color of your choice ready in a bowl (if you do not have the color you are looking for you can use brown to blend with the chocolate cookie). Next you will want to unwrap the fruit roll up and cut it into thin slices about a centimeter in width and about four inches long. Then take the cookies and get ready to put the tassels on. Begin this step by folding the fruit roll up so it in a 'V' and place it on the cookie so the ends hang over the side and the fold point is centered. Then take an m&m and get a little bit of frosting on one side of it (to act like glue) and stick it on top of the center of the cookie, on top of the fruit roll up. Repeat this until desired amount are complete. Next, take the recess cups out of the fridge and unwrap them. Spread some frosting on the top of it (the smaller end) and stick the cookie on it. The graduation toppers are now done! In order to stick them on to cupcakes or cakes just use frosting as a 'glue' or even stick them on skewers and keep them as just caps! They are perfect for any graduation celebration!

By Sydney Soucy

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